Tithes & Offering

"Why do we give?

We give because God first gave to us. All we have is his, so we give to show God that we trust him, not just with our money, but with our lives. We also give because he asks us to. As a good father, he knows the act of giving is good for us to learn, so we give in obedience.

At the beginning of this year, we believe the Lord challenged our community to commit to giving to the church on a monthly basis. For many of us, that may be our regular tithe. For others, it's a commitment beyond the tithe, as some of us have become complacent with our giving. Whatever the number God may be leading you to give, the point is to seek him for direction, make a commitment to giving monthly, and follow through on that commitment. Your offering is worship in a very tangible form.

Why? In making this commitment, it reminds us on a monthly basis of the true source of our provision. At the end of the year, it will be encouraging to look back collectively and reflect on how faithful God has been in our lives as we assess how these commitments may have impacted our view of money and God.

Giving Options