Throughout the year, we will be doing an in-depth study on four different themes.

  • Intimacy with God

  • Relationships with Each Other

  • Knowing and Using our Gifts

  • Sharing and Telling your Story


Weeks 1-3: Weekly Teaching with classrooms for all ages

Week 4: Monthly Community Potluck (Food themes will be announced at the beginning of each month)


We have classrooms for KIDS, too! The three older kid classrooms have a teaching team that rotates each week. The goal of their time together is not only teaching the kids the theme for the evening, but also building a relationship with each child. We believe it is key for children to have loving and caring adults to partner with their parents and invest in their lives.

  • Class 1 : crawling -4 years old

  • Class 2: School Age Boys

  • Class 3: School Age Girls

  • Class 4: Youth (5th-8th)


This upcoming quarter (May-July), we will be focusing on Relationships with Each Other. For three months over the summer, April Ban and Mary Moon will be co-teaching on this topic.

  • Do you want to know more about who you are and how to value yourself? Do you want to know how to connect better with those around you?

  • Do you want to know what healthy dating or marriage looks like? Are things like the Enneagram and Five Love Languages that interest you?

  • Do you want to have honest conversations about what to expect from each other?

During the summer months, we will be addressing these topics and many more. There will be panels for discussion so that you can also hear feedback from other people in our community. We would love to see you guys at Grow as we head into our next quarter. Let's learn about how to know each other and ourselves more deeply.


Community Experience with Grow:

Keeli Price: "I had such a wonderful experience at GROW this past Sunday. Alyssa had a great time learning and playing with friends, and I really enjoyed the time I spent upstairs learning and visiting with old and new friends. The atmosphere was positive and friendly, and there was a good balance of time spent listening to teachings and responding to questions, sharing, and listening in small groups. Thanks so much for all of your hard work on this new opportunity for our church. I can tell that the staff and all of the volunteers have put a lot of time, intention, and heart into GROW! Plus, Bonus! The snacks were awesome!"

Israel Beachy: "I've really enjoyed GROW so far. I like having a little more time to focus on how scripture applies to life in a setting that is more conducive to discussion. The informal study atmosphere is a great place to take a few additional steps toward more intentional community and understanding scripture."

For more info, email Mary Moon at