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Beloved is for women in all walks of life who want to seek the face of God together, in the midst of community. We seek to be a safe place to come just as you are to learn more about the character of God and our roles in the Kingdom.

We are discovering and exploring our spiritual gifts, we are praying with expectation that we will meet with the Holy Spirit, and we are becoming doers of the Word.

We are united through JESUS. 

We are sisters and friends. 

We celebrate each other!

We seek to be open, vulnerable and transparent with each other!

We strive for unity!


When we are currently meeting - 

  • Small Group - Wednesdays, 7am @ Steadfast
  • Small Group - Fridays, 8:30am @ Pinewood Social
  • Every 3rd Wednesday Happy Hour, 5:30pm @ Rose Pepper


For more info, email April Ban at april@theanchorfellowship.com


The heart of Prevail is in banding together to seek what it means to be a man of God.  

Banding together is a process of building lasting relationships that goes far beyond our male instincts of wading the shallow waters of friendship. We want to emulate the essence of the proverb from Ecclesiastes 4:17 - "And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him - a three-fold cord is not quickly broken."


when we are currently meeting -

  • Small Group - Mondays, 8:30am @ Portland Brew East
  • Small Group - Thursdays, 6am @ The Well in Brentwood
  • Small Group - Thursdays, 8pm @ abrasiveMedia in Houston Station (438 Houston St., Suite 259)

For more info, email Rich Husband at prevail@theanchorfellowship.com


the artist's way

  •  Thursdays, 7 - 9pm @ 820 Beth Dr. 37206 (Rachel & Israel Beachy's house)

           For more info, email Rachel Beachy at rsmith3096@gmail.com


Anchor Moms

Establishing a community of friendship and support for our amazing Anchor Moms. We strive to create an environment for moms to meet, communicate, and help each other through God's love and grace.

For more info, email April Ban at april@theanchorfellowship.com